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5/10/2006 - San Miguel de Allende
I have just returned from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I have added a section to my Portfolio dedicated to the Walls of San Miguel de Allende. This is quite different from anything else I have done and am quite excited about the possibilities.

11/24/2005 - Oaxaca
I have just returned from a "Fantastic Photo Shoot" in Oaxaca, Mexico. Check out the new entries in the Portfolio. Remember, I can now Print these as large as 16x20.

6/9/2004 - Bhutan
I have returned from Bhutan with a large and exciting Body of Work. If you are interested in these Photos, just let me know.

11/15/2003 - Larger Format
Because of advancing Technology, I will be able to supply Prints up to 16x20 after the First of the Year. I have been limited to 12x18 up to now and several Clients have wanted Larger.

11/15/2003 - Bhutan
I will be travelling to the Kingdom of Bhutan next Spring. I am expecting to develop a "Large Body of Work" from this adventure. Keep Posted, it should be worthwhile.


CODA / Community of Digital Artists
Keith Munger is an active Member of this Group

Robin Smillie's Photo Tour of Bhutan

Charles took me on a Farm Tour in New Zealand. Being one of the "Highlights" of my New Zealand Photo Shoot, He is thinking of setting up Photo Tours. It is truly worth your time getting in touch with him if you are thinking of New Zealand.

Englander Photo Tours and Workshops


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